WE are driven to unite local, traveling and online consumers with small business and local vendors.  WE will achieve this by propagating the localized collective of businesses as “Market Parq Dallas”, “Market Parq Louisville”and “Market Parq [Fill in the City]”.  Our desire is to shift the power of the marketplace back to the exchange among local businesses and consumers.


WE have plans to bring a physical, festival-esque version of Market Parq to various locations.  In our efforts to gather local businesses and consumers, we understand that togetherness among the community is a past-time that a lot of people in recent years have not been able to experience.  With a physical Market Parq we are sure to bring a joyous and classic experience to a modern age.

WE are excited for the future of technology and anticipating the development of the Metaverse. Virtual Reality has been an understandable topic since the 80’s but more recently Augmented Reality and the Metaverse has materialized as the new age of the internet, and possibly a new way of life.  WE at Market Parq are engineering plans to enter the Metaverse, allowing the next generation to fully engage with local businesses via Market Parq on tomorrow’s virtual platforms.  These efforts are so small and local businesses are not left behind as we will take traditional concepts “Back to the Future”.