How It Works

Market Parq will promote and advertisement to consumers nationwide as a collective chain of online Markets or Malls containing local businesses.

Market Parq Shoppers

Choose a location
Pick a STATE and choose a city to shop in.

Select a Category
Click on the category that you are looking for or shop through all the categories to discover new Vendors and Businesses.

Enter a Vendor’s Store
If you see a Vendor or Business you’re interested in, click the “Enter” button on that business’s Portal Door.  No worries, you will be sent to their designated space online (website, social network profile etc.) in a new tab.  This way you can continue to shop other Vendors and Businesses

Market Parq Vendors

Register your Business
REGISTER your Business by supplying your businesses information and branding (website url, logo, promotional or advertisement image).  If you supply a promotional or advertisement image the image should be a JPG,PNG or PDF 1750 x 1100 (144 dpi).

You will create an account at checkout and within 2 to 3 business days your Parq Space will be available for the world to visit.